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For Our Guests With Children

Unique adventures are ahead for your children.
Atlantis provides natural solutions to the expectations of young families...

Kids Club

Your children can climb on the ship of Captain Hook, and set sail for imaginary adventures
with legendary fairy tale characters such as Gulliver, Asterix and the Smurfs.
Pedagogically-trained child-care staff will accompany your children while
they have fun, spend their energy, build new friendships and prepare shows
nd crafts for you to enjoy and admire.


In addition to an endless variety of sports activities; contests, pool games and DJ courses are
also organized for youngsters. Those who wish to remain private are invited to fish at the rocky
coast of the hotel, snorkel to discover the undersea, watch surfers and divers or take a try
at these activities with trainers, or even isolate themselves with their headphones in a beautiful
corner of the peninsula, soaking up the sun.

Special Family Activities

We recommend our “Special Family Activities” if you wish to spend quality time with your children on holiday.
We have so much to offer you and your children such as sports activities and video games.