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Sezonu açmamıza 21gün kaldı


As much as giving you the clear blue seas, it is equally important for us to serve you natural, local and additive-free products throughout your stay. Oranges, lemons, pomegranates and grapefruits coming from our own orchards are served as jams in breakfast buffets, as natural sugar in our desserts and additive-free fruit juice in our bars. There are 290 olive trees in our garden, the fruit of which is carefully produced into cold-pressed olive oil which you can taste in our salad bar in combination with the pomegranate syrup we produce in wood fire. The organic vegetable garden in our holiday resort is used to grow peppers, cucumbers and greens from heirloom seeds which we pick up freshly every morning for you to taste at breakfast. We purchase our vegetables and fruit from the local producers of the fertile lands of Seferihisar and Izmir which add taste and color to our buffets. If you crave for tasty, natural and simple food and wish to feed not only your body but also your soul, look no further than Atlantis.

ATLANTIS RESTAURANT, Cradled By The Sığacık Bay

This is our main restaurant overlooking the breath-taking view of the Sığacık Bay,
where you can enjoy delicious and healthy food in our buffets all day.

SUNSET RESTAURANT, Enjoying The Sound Of The Waterfall

Our ala carte restaurant serves favorite Italian dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine
and chilled wine, with a view of the windmill that will take you right into a scene
of the movie “Olanlar Oldu”..


As the Anatolian saying goes, “a cup of Turkish coffee is remembered for 40 years.
” Sitting under the shadow of a century-old olive tree, inhaling the dazzling scent of the
sea while the Aegean breeze gently touches your face, a cup of Turkish coffee is
indeed remembered for 40 years.

HARRY POTTER RESTAURANT, The Fairyland of Atlantis

Let the little child inside you wake up from the depths of your soul. This is the delicious snack center for you and your children...
The closest food spot to sports and entertainment activities open all day long. 

ATLANTIS BAR, At The Heart Of Atlantis

This is the meeting point right at the center of the resort. Our Sunset Margarita will give you
a taste of the delicious harmony of tequila with the orange, lemon and pomegranate syrups
coming from our orchard.  


Sugar Hause:
The Sugar House you will encounter while walking down the delicious street of Atlantis! Ice cream and popcorn will be waiting for you there!
Bakes & Cakes:
This is where the most beautiful smells come from! It will be your best stop when you get hungry during the day! Delicious pastries, pastries and cakes!
When you get hungry after the disco, our corner where a hot sandwich will make you happy before going to bed.