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İzmir / Sığacık / Teos

Atlantis is Teos..

Welcome to the headquarters of the Asian Branch of the Artists of Dionysos, which was founded about 2300 years ago! Welcome to Sığacık where Seferihisar meets the sea – Turkey’s pioneer in the worldwide Cittaslow practice which began in the 1980’s! Welcome to waters transparent enough for you to see each grain of sand, centuries old olive trees and the land of tortoises aged perhaps 150 years!

We are nested in the center of the region, only 1.5 km away from Sığacık

Sığacık’s inner fortress is within walking distance.  The farmers’ market organized on Sundays
is Turkey’s first women producers’ market. If you visit the market before breakfast, enjoy
the delicious pastries and stuffed vegetables made by the women of Seferihisar and sip their
freshly brewed tea against a scenery of the Sığacık Marina. 

Cruising in the Sığacık Bay

Cruising the coves of the Sığacık Bay, counting grains of sand in the exquisitely pristine waters,
fishing or diving into the sea all wait for you just like in the movie “OLANLAR OLDU”

Urla Wine Road

You can spend a day strolling among bunches of grapes, learning how those grapes are
turned into wine on the spot and then tasting them. 

Beyler - Bademler - Gödence - Ulamış

Hop in your car to visit these villages for tasting cold-pressed olive oil, artichokes and tangerines. 
The local markets will welcome you with many different types of plants that you have never heard
of whereas the local coffee houses will serve delicious coffee under giant plane trees. 

Çeşme - Alaçatı

If you wish to add a new dimension to your relaxing and natural vacation, then your destination is Çeşme for
busy beaches, trendy markets, bars, restaurants, people-watching and 24/7 fun and entertainment.