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Natural and Ethical Living

We are careful and considerate about protecting the nature and the natural habitat in our holiday resort,
aiming to leave the earth habitable for future generations, and expect our guests’ understanding and support in this regard.

Atlantiste Doğal Yaşam

Welcome to Atlantis and Sığacık-Teos! Welcome to the headquarters of the Asian Branch of the Artists of Dionysos, which was founded about 2300 years ago! Welcome to Sığacık where Seferihisar meets the sea – Turkey’s pioneer in the worldwide Cittaslow practice which began in the 1980s! Welcome to waters transparent enough for you to see each grain of sand, centuries old olive trees and the land of tortoises aged perhaps 150 years!

This reality calls for us to be more careful about certain matters so that we can maintain Atlantis, a natural habitat, and leave it to future generations.

  • Most of our water comes from the sea. Unnecessary consumption is avoided.
  • Wastewater is filtered for irrigation.
  • Part of the hot water we use comes from solar water heating. Water is not left running.
  • Electrical equipment is regularly replaced with class AAA equipment.
  • Towels and linens in the rooms are changed every three days.
  • Extra caution is taken for not mixing bathroom towels (white) and beach/pool towels (blue).
  • Care is taken to avoid unnecessary waste production.
  • Paper towels are not thrown in the toilets.
  • Air conditioners are switched off when the rooms are vacant or the windows are open.
  • Energy-consuming devices are kept switched off when not in use and sensors are used where possible.
  • Since it is a natural habitat, trash bins are strictly used for cigarette butts and garbage.
  • Food and beverages are not taken outside the restaurants and snack bars.

Etik Yaşam

Foundation for Children with Leukaemia
LÖSEV Certificate of Life

Dear Guests, 500 pounds of food goes to garbage every day at our hotel. We, on the other hand, strive to leave a better environment and future for our children. Therefore we wanted to let you know about this specific invitation by means of a certificate of LÖSEV Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and thus to contribute to the happiness of one more child.

As the Atlantis family we thank you for avoiding food waste and joining our effort in this direction.

Friend of the heart donated to LÖSEV in your name, thus giving hope of life to our children