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Pool & Beach

A peninsula where the turquoise Aegean Sea and the green flora merge...


We have three private beaches in Atlantis, where you can dive into the magnificent blue and
cool waters of the Aegean Sea. The first one is our Blue Flag beach on the edge of Akkum,
perfect for families with children. Another one is a tranquil beach under the shades of mimosa
trees located at the junction of Sığacık and the Aegean, and the third is a natural cove
where a 50-m waterfall empties into the sea.

Cave Coves

We have two coves with caves in which you will get in touch with thousands of years
of human history, the new and the old, the past and the future simultaneously. At night,
one of our coves having archaic associations is used as a nightclub. Spend your nights
in our antique cave, remembering Dionysoss, the god of wine.

Saltwater Pool

Reached by a walk under century-old olive trees, our saltwater pool is in a heavenly location
surrounded by giant paperflower trees, ready to give you the delight of the sea in a pool setting,
with fresh sea water daily renewed for your health.
We have also considered our little guests and added another pool nearby for kids and
a playground right next to it.

Water-Slide Pool

You can take part in a great variety of entertainment and fitness activities all day,
listening to music from all over the world, for taking a fun break from your daily
outine. Our pool, located next to the kids’ club, has three different water slides.
You will be surprised to find that time just flies by while you bask in the sun at
the poolside as your children have a great time in the water slides.

Relaxing Pool

This pool is a favorite for guests seeking tranquility. You can unwind listening
to the relaxing music in the background and sipping our special cocktails
prepared with fruit from our own orchards.